December 14, 2021

Rapid Testing Kits

December 14, 2021

The University announced earlier today that exams will be transitioning online as of Friday, December 17, as a preventative measure due to the rise in cases and the presence of Omicron in our region.

Residences will continue to remain open until Wednesday, December 22 at noon. Students are still required to vacate residence within 24 hours after their last exam, or by noon on December 22, whichever is earlier, unless you have received approval for a delayed departure or winter break stay.

Rapid Antigen Testing Kits

Students in residence will each be offered a rapid antigen testing kit to take home with them for the winter break. Each kit contains five rapid tests. These are the same type of rapid tests being distributed to elementary and secondary schools by the province. Please note that participation is voluntary; however, it is encouraged.

These kits are to be used to ensure we can rebuild the health of our residence community when students return in the winter term. Please ensure that one of these rapid tests is completed in advance of your return to campus (i.e., preferably the morning of your planned return). The health unit also recommends that you complete a rapid test just prior to heading home for the winter break.

Starting this Thursday evening, December 16, rapid testing kits will be available for pick-up at the residence front desk when you are departing for the winter break. Instructions on the use of these kits will be provided on the Housing COVID-19 FAQ website. This site will be regularly updated over the course of the winter break as we monitor cases in our region and receive guidance from the health unit.

For students who are unable to pick up their rapid test kit before leaving campus for the winter break, you can have a rapid test done at the University’s testing centre when it reopens in the winter term.

Before Going Home

Prior to returning home for the winter break, here are some important things to do:

  • Ensure your bedroom window is closed
  • Empty your garbage and recycling bin
  • Pick up your rapid antigen testing kit from your residence front desk
  • Pack your academic materials, learning tools, medical devices, medications and anything else you might need as a precautionary measure given the ongoing uncertainty

Whether you decide to head home earlier than planned, or stay until the end of your exams, our residences remain open and our support continues to be available.