Isolation Guide

Isolation Guide

Updated as of September 12, 2022

If you are symptomatic or test positive using the supplied Flowflex rapid antigen test for COVID-19, please self-isolate in your residence room.

In alignment with the directives from the Province of Ontario, if you receive a positive test result or becomes symptomatic, you must isolate until fever-free for 24 hours AND symptoms are significantly improved for 24 hours (48 hours for gastro-intestinal symptoms). Afterwards, you are to wear a mask in all settings outside of your room for a full 10 days from the start date of symptoms.

You are required to remain in your room until your isolation period is complete, unless you are accessing a shared washroom or dining hall, need medical attention, or if there is a building emergency.

While in isolation, you are not permitted to have guests or visitors in your room. We appreciate that this can be a challenging time and that this self-isolation protocol is an unexpected aspect of your residence experience. That said, we require your compliance and advise that any deliberate violation of this isolation protocol could be met with disciplinary sanctions. While in self-isolation, we ask that you refrain from making non-emergency maintenance requests until your isolation period has concluded. Where necessary, we will coordinate deliveries of other essential items to students in isolation.

Your safety is important to us. In the case of a fire alarm, or building evacuation, you are required to leave the building. We ask that you wear your medical-grade (ASTM level 3) mask and exit the building at the nearest exit, while maintaining 2m/6ft of physical distancing, when possible. Once you are outside and at your evacuation location, we ask that you try to remain 2m/6ft apart from other students or guests in the building.

For more information about self-isolation, please visit Public Health Ontario.  


All students with viral symptoms (both COVID-positive & COVID-negative as well as those who did not undertake a RAT test) can order to-go meals provided by the residence dining hall via the myHousing Portal. While picking up your meal, you are required to wear a medical-grade (ASTM level 3) mask and abide by all health & safety protocols. Meals will be available for pick-up at your front desk. Meals will be provided in a to-go format and are to be consumed in your room. More information is available in your myHousing Portal.

Shared Washrooms

While attending a shared washroom, you are required to wear a medical-grade (ASTM level 3) mask and abide by all health & safety protocols. When using a shared washroom, physical distancing is extremely important - specifically when you are engaging in activities with no masks (showering, brushing teeth, etc.).

Failure to abide by health and safety protocols during your time living in residence, including isolation, may result in conduct sanctions as stated in the Residence Contract, up to and including immediate removal from residence.

Roommates & Suitemates

In alignment with provincial guidelines, roommates and suitemates of a symptomatic or positive student may be required to isolate.  

If you live with someone who has symptoms or has tested positive for COVID-19, you do not need to isolate if one of the following applies to you: 

  • You are over 18 years old and have received a COVID-19 booster dose 
  • You have previously tested positive in the last 90 days and do not have symptoms 
  • You are under 18 years old and are fully vaccinated  

For 10 days after exposure, instead of isolating, you must do the following: 

  • Self-monitor for symptoms 
  • Wear a mask if symptomatic. Do not visit anyone who is at higher risk of illness, such as seniors, or any highest risk settings (unless you previously tested positive in past 90 days)

Support & Resources

If your symptoms worsen, or you require additional medical care, please contact the Student Health and Wellness, Telehealth (1-866-797-0000), or your health care provider. If you require medical attention, please call your front desk, who will arrange for a taxi chit for transportation to the nearest hospital. In case of emergency, call 911.. 

We understand that you may need to contact your academic counselling office. Contact information for each faculty is available here.

There are several wellness resources available for you as well. Please do not hesitate to reach out:  

  • Residence Counselling:  
  • Good2Talk: Student Helpline (24/7) 1-866-925-5454  
  • CMHA Crisis Services (24/7) 1-866-933-2023; online chat:   
  • CMHA Virtual After-Hours Crisis Counselling (must be Western student and Ontario Resident) Appointments available from 5–9 p.m., Mondays/Tuesdays/Wednesdays. Email   
  • Kid’s Help Phone Crisis Text Line (24/7) Text CONNECT to 686868   

Here is a collection of our favourite online and free programs for you to check out on the Residence Virtual Programs website.  

Non-urgent questions regarding residence can be directed to This email address is monitored Mon-Fri (9 a.m.–4 p.m.).