March 28, 2021

New Control Measures Implemented in Residence

March 28, 2021

Over the past week, COVID-19 cases have increased dramatically – both here in London and across Ontario. The third wave is here, and it is real. 

Daily case counts are reaching levels not seen since the province-wide shutdown in January. 

Variants of concern now make up more than half of recent cases in Ontario. They are more easily transmissible and, unlike the original strain of the virus, they are causing serious illness among young people. 

Now is not the time to let our guards down.

In consultation with Middlesex-London Health Unit (MLHU) officials, the following additional measures will be implemented in ALL residences to limit the spread of COVID-19 and the variants of concern. Effective immediately:

Common spaces

All common areas in residence (floor lounges, study rooms, main lounges) will be closed. You can study in your room or at Taylor Library located in the Natural Sciences Building. 

Events and programs

All in-person events and programs will shift to virtual delivery. We will be working with Residents’ Councils and Residence Staff to ensure wellness and academic activities continue.

And we’re asking you to make increased efforts to limit further spread:

Contact with others

Significantly limit your close contacts and use the ‘buddy system’. Interact in person with only one other individual – either a roommate/suitemate or a person from your floor. 

Face coverings

Wear a face covering at all times except in your bedroom. 

Masking in dining halls

When eating in the dining hall, place your face covering back on as soon as you’re finished eating. If you choose to stay and chat in the dining hall after your meal, you must place your mask back on. 

Outdoor activity

Participate only in outdoor sports that allow you to physically distance, such as frisbee or tossing a football. The MLHU strongly advises against group activities, so please keep any outdoor activity to just you and your roommate, or your one buddy. Sports such as basketball and spikeball are considered high-risk activities so please don’t take part in these sports for now.  


Please consider limiting your visits home until the end of the semester. Community spread remains a significant concern.

If you are experiencing symptoms

If you are symptomatic, do not leave your room. Please notify our Leader on Call at 519-495-3980 and we will provide you with the necessary supports and arrange for meal delivery. You will need to immediately attend the Campus Testing Centre during the next available operating hours.

It's okay to reach out for help

With the recent outbreak declaration and with these stricter measures, some people may be feeling anxious. There are several wellness resources available to you, including mental health check-ins and crisis support appointments:

You’ve worked so hard this past year to keep yourself and each other safe. It’s been a challenging year, and COVID-19 fatigue is real. And the arrival of warmer weather makes us all want to spend time with our friends. 

But resist the temptation for just a bit longer. This is a marathon, and we all need to push through, together.

With the third wave of the pandemic upon us, we must be more vigilant than ever before. We have a shared responsibility to take care of ourselves, each other, and our community. 

Thank you for your efforts.