September 25, 2020

Uphold Safety Guidelines

September 25, 2020

As Western moved back to a modified version of phase 3 of our Return to Campus plan, the University has limited non-academic social gatherings and is encouraging students to limit social activity to your roommate and significant others.

We appreciate that most of our students have demonstrated a commitment to the health and safety guidelines in our residence spaces thus far, but we also acknowledge that there is room for improvement. There have been concerns raised by students, parents and community members regarding students not abiding by the safety guidelines put out by the government and the University.

Although education remains an important intervention strategy, behaviour that is outside of expectations of the Residence Contract can result in probation, phone calls home, suspension from residence and termination of the Residence Contract as well as outcomes under the Code of Student Conduct.

For the health and safety of our community, please do NOT attend or host parties. The Ontario Government has recently introduced new fines for parties and social gathering limits. Bylaw officers and health inspectors can now fine from $10K up to $100K for the organizer and $750 per attendee. In Residence, students are only allowed ONE additional residence student from their same building in their bedroom/suite.

As President Shepard said, “Now is not the time to take risks with your health and the health of others around you who may be more vulnerable to this illness than you”.

Thank you for your continuous support and efforts to uphold all health and safety protocols.