Residence 101

So, you’re here! You’ve packed, you’ve travelled, and now you’re officially moved into residence.  

Welcome to Western! We are excited to have you. As you begin to settle into your space and get to know the building, we trust that soon enough, our residence community will begin to feel like home. 

As a new student, we know that you might have questions about residence, resources available to you, and how you can make the most of your time on-campus. To help support your transition, we’ve recorded a virtual workshop that will cover some really helpful information and tips, including our expectations of you as a resident in the building, who works in your residence (and what you can go to them for), and our current COVID-19 health and safety guidelines to help keep you and our community safe. 

In this session, you’ll also learn about who Residence Dons and Sophs are, what the Front Desk Staff can help you with, and how to enjoy all the benefits of the residence dining halls. 

Tune in to Residence 101, and if you have any lingering questions, you can reach out at or the Residence Don living on your floor. 

We can’t wait to see you around!