Guests In Residence

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In residence, you may want to have guests visit you. Anyone visiting you is considered to be your guest, even if they live in a different residence building. You need to pre-register your guests prior to their arrival during weekends and times of the year when higher than normal guest volumes are anticipated.  


Residences have a set capacity that cannot be exceeded, and different guest policies apply at varying points of the year. Guest policies are subject to change at any time.


What is a Limited-Guest Policy?

A limited-guest policy means that you are only allowed one pre-registered guest in your residence building.

What is a No-Guest Policy?

A no-guest policy means that guests are not permitted in your building during these periods.

Current Guest Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I have guests over? 

If a regular guest policy is in effect, the stay of your guest is limited to no more than eight days per semester and no more than two nights in the same week. Additionally, your roommate’s/suitemates’ consent is required prior to inviting anyone for an overnight stay. Parents/guardians are not permitted to stay overnight in residence.

How do I register a guest? 

Log in to pre-register guests

How many guests may I have?

If there is a regular guest policy in place, the privilege of having two guests is extended only to those who pre-register.

Do I have to be with my guest at all times? 

Yes. You should always meet your guest(s) on their arrival to the building and accompany them during their stay. They are not permitted to visit neighbouring buildings unless signed in by a resident of that building. Guests will be provided with a wristband, and are required to wear it at all times during their visit.

Am I responsible for my guest(s)?

You assume full responsibility for the behaviour of your guest(s), including disciplinary sanctions for their behaviour and restitution of damages caused by your guest(s). We reserve the right to revoke your guest privileges. Never sign in someone whom you do not know.  

Dons have the right to ask guests to leave residence for any reason, including excessive intoxication, removing their wristband, inappropriate behaviour, and wandering the building unaccompanied by their host. 

Where can my guest park?

If your guest has a vehicle, they are welcome to park in visitor lots on campus