Repairs And Cleaning

Arms of Facilities Management caretaking staff cleaning a residence room window ledge.

Western’s Facilities Management has a maintenance staff team of caretakers, electricians, carpenters, trades workers, plumbers, and painters who work to maintain a safe living environment for students. 

In all residences, caretaking staff will provide regular sanitization of common spaces and light housekeeping (e.g., dusting, vacuuming, emptying garbage) provided they can do so safely and without having to move a resident’s personal belongings. You are encouraged to maintain at least a minimum standard of cleanliness for health and safety reasons and responsibility is shared by all residents. Charges for cleaning up excessive waste or mess will be billed to you if you have not cleaned the affected area within a reasonable length of time. 

If damages occur throughout the year to your residence or its furnishings, report them to your front desk immediately. When your damage report is received, an assessment of damages and repair costs is made. If you have a room maintenance request, including concerns with extreme hot or cold, please contact your front desk.  

Read the Residence Contract for more on cleaning, caretaking and damages.