Effective Use of Meal Plan

Budgeting your meal plan dollars is an ongoing process! While topping up is an option, there are many ways to make your plan last longer. 

First, try to dine in residence as much as possible – this is where you will get the best value for your money. For both meals and snacks, only take what you can eat! Aim to portion your choices based on what you’ll actually eat, or, let the serving staff know how much of a dish you’d like – they’re happy to help! For a more cost effective beverage choice, fill your reusable bottle at the closest water refill station or opt for dispensed beverages over bottled. Finally, try and save treats for special occasions, instead of an everyday occurrence.

Checking your balance regularly can help you stay aware. You can do so at the register in the dining halls or by logging into the meal plan portal at https://mealplan.uwo.ca/