Behaviour Management

The behavioural management system is designed to promote self-discipline and the capacity to respect the rights of others. We actively foster the personal and social development of students who are held accountable for violations of the Residence Contract. Whenever possible, we emphasize appropriate conflict resolution methods or learning opportunities before punitive measures are considered.


Disciplinary Decision Appeals

A resident has a right to appeal a disciplinary decision if any of the following grounds for appeal are met:

  • New information that will likely change the outcome of your original disciplinary decision has become available since the disciplinary decision was made.
  • It can be demonstrated that the accuracy or credibility of the fact-finding process was biased.
  • It can be demonstrated that there was a procedural error in the disciplinary decision, resulting in a disciplinary outcome too severe for the behaviour. If a resident claims that a procedural error has been made, they must reference both their behaviour and the corresponding disciplinary sanction in the Residence Contract to show that an error was made.

Grounds must be clearly indicated in a written appeal with supporting documentation, or the appeal will not be considered. It is the resident's responsibility to demonstrate that the conditions for grounds have been met. Simply disagreeing with the disciplinary decision is not grounds for an appeal. Appeals should be emailed to within 3 days of receipt of the disciplinary outcome. Indicate “Conduct Appeal” in the subject line. Appeals are reviewed by a senior Housing representative who has not been involved with the decision-making process or issuance of the sanction.

Residence Damage Appeals

You are responsible for the condition of your room and any shared spaces. Once you're settled into your room, we encourage you to complete the online Room Inventory and Condition Checklist (RICC) in the myHousing Portal. By completing this checklist, you will be confirming the inventory of items in your room and reporting any deficiencies you may find.

Students who receive damage invoices have the right to appeal the damage charges.

How to Appeal a Damage Charge

Submit your appeal to with the subject line, “Damage Appeal” prior to the deadline on the damage invoice provided to you. This email must be sent from your Western email account.

Include the following:

  1. Your name
  2. Student number
  3. Residence building and room number
  4. Your reason for appealing the damage charge

Please keep in mind that appeals will not be reviewed against the principle of:

  • The damage charges: Keeping our facilities maintained and in good order is important to us. Normal wear and tear to residence facilities is expected. However, damage due to negligence or vandalism requires additional charges to be paid by those deemed responsible.
  • The cost of labour: All damage charges are based on an established list of rates documented by Western’s Facilities Management Department.