St. Patrick’s Day - Plan Your Day

plan your day

March 17 is St. Patrick's Day. Did you know? The three-leafed shamrock is often tied to St. Patrick and Ireland. It is said that the leaves represent hope, love and faith. If you happen to find a four-leaf clover, it represents luck!  

You might have been thinking about a small gathering with your friends. We encourage you to adhere to expectations and plan out your evenings.  

Free pancakes will be offered in all residence dining halls while supplies last.   

If you are of the legal Canadian consumption age (19+) and you choose to consume, on St. Patrick’s Day, we have some tips to help you plan your day.  

1) Ask yourself some of these questions, do you know what substance you are using? 

  • Will you be drinking alcohol? What percentage is the alcohol you will be drinking? How much should you drink within the timeline you have created?  
  • Will you be consuming Cannabis? What’s your method? What’s the source? 
  • Mixing cannabis, alcohol and other substance can have negative impacts.  Choose a substance that you know will contribute to the vibe of the evening. Keep it simple.  
  • If you are trying something new. Tell a buddy what you are consuming and your plan for the night. Develop strategies to keep each other in check on the plan.  

2) What is your limit and how will you ensure you stay within your limit? 

  • What has your stress level looked like before this evening? Consider why you are choosing to consume and what the vibe of the night includes.  
  • What have you eaten that day? Consider eating a full meal to your timeline. 
  • How much are you willing to spend on the night? Set a budget for yourself. 
  • There are some helpful quizzes below to help you manage your limit. 

3) What is your timeline?  

  • Set a time for you to start and stop consuming. Consider your plans for the day before and after. What needs to be achieved? Pace yourself throughout this timeline – check what is considered a standard amount of the substance you are using.  

4) What are you bringing – what is essential? 


  • You wouldn't want someone using your Visa card to buy themselves a new flat screen would you? So if you're going to go downtown, take only the essentials. Cash, your cellphone (fully charged) and your ID should be just fine.   


5) Who can you call for help? 


  • Find someone you trust and be each other's drinking monitors. If one of you goes too far, you know you'll have each other's backs. 


  • Residence Staff and emergency services are here to help and are all looking out for your safety. Know where to find them or how to contact them if someone is in need of help that you can't provide.  

Contact your Front Desk to reach Residence Staff when in need of assistance: 

Additional Resources 


Have fun and stay safe!