Book a Common Space

Students and student leaders living in residence are able to book common spaces within their building for activities such as group meetings, prayer space, ceremony, studying, programming events, etc. You may book a room up to two weeks in advance, and we recommend booking early to ensure that no events are planned in the same space at the same time.

Use of Common Space

It is important that common rooms are used properly so that they may continue to be used by the residence community. Please leave the rooms in the same condition that they were found in. Be sure to dispose of your garbage, and return the furniture to its original placement, etc. If extra cleaning, repairs, or other costs are required to restore the room after its use, you may receive a bill from the Housing Office.

Common space can only be used for activities which adhere to the Residence Contract and do not break any laws.


Book a Space

Common rooms (e.g. main lounge, floor lounge, meeting room, academic cafe, etc.) are available to book Monday to Sunday, from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. If you require the room outside of these hours, please connect directly with your Front Desk.

Note you can book a room once per day for a maximum of two hours.

To book a room, select your residence from the menu below and then choose which room you’d like to book. From there, you will be able to see all available dates and times for that space. Once you have made your selection and provided your info, you can complete and submit the booking. At this time, a confirmation email will be sent to your Western email account.

Elgin Hall

Main Lounge

Room 110

Delaware Hall

Main Lounge

Formal Lounge

Academic Café

Essex Hall

Main Lounge (Dining Hall)

Academic Café

London Hall

Room 100

Room 231

Room 232

Room 233

Room 234

Medway-Sydenham Hall

Sydenham Lounge

Medway Formal Lounge

Thomas L. Hoskin Library

Ontario Hall

Main Lounge

Perth Hall

Main Lounge

Fireside Lounge

Activity Room

Room 164

Saugeen- Maitland Hall

Main Lounge

1 Unit Lounge

2 Unit Lounge

3 Unit Lounge

4 Unit Lounge

5 Unit Lounge

6 Unit Lounge 

7 Unit Lounge

8 Unit Lounge

9 Unit Lounge

Common spaces in residences are managed and administrated by the Housing Office. All questions about Room Bookings can be forwarded to your Front Desk.

Book a Campus Tent

To inquire about booking one of the campus tents that is not connected to a specific residence, please fill out this form and send to