Residence Sophs

Sophs are Western's beloved orientation leaders who welcome new students to campus every year. Sophs volunteer their time as leaders, academic role models, and mentors to help students connect with campus resources in their first year. The Sophing experience is unlike any other!

"Sophing has helped me grow into the person I've always wanted to be. Without a doubt, it has been the best decision of my life." -  Elgin Hall Soph

In order to honour our residence guarantee to the incoming first-year class, Residence Sophs are expected to live off-campus. 

Western cares deeply about the well-being of students and knows how vital Residence Sophs are as peer supports. A change in address does not mean a change in commitment. Residence Sophs will remain active during OWeek and continue to provide peer mentorship, academic support, and lead welcoming activities for first-year students.

Residence Sophs

The decision to apply to a Residence Soph is one that goes beyond simply looking for a volunteer opportunity. Being a Residence Soph is a rewarding leadership and mentorship role that affects every member of our residence community.  

Employers today are seeking the kind of transferable skills that are found in the leadership opportunities we offer in residence, including leading a team, the ability to lead large groups of people, to "think on your feet," and to be prepared to face unpredictable situations, positive interpersonal skills, and the ability to communicate effectively. 

Residence Soph Applications

Residence Soph applications will open on January 12th, 2024 and close on January 29th at 11:59 p.m. 

You can apply here!