Residents' Council

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Joining Residents’ Council is your chance to be the voice of your building! This is a great opportunity to get involved, meet people from your residence and develop leadership skills. Residents' Council positions are selected in September and January every year. 

What is Residents’ Council?

Residents' Council is an autonomous student body that serves the interests of students living in our residences. Each of our nine residences has a Council that helps support the community within. Through their work in advocacy, programming, and leadership and mentorship, Residents' Councils are essential pillars in our vibrant campus communities.

Residence Events Pass (REP)

The Residence Events Pass is your all-access ticket to every REP event that Council is planning. While the majority of Council programming is free and accessible to everyone in the building, REP event access is only available through the purchase of a Pass, or individual event tickets. In the past, the Pass has included events like Semi-Formal and Formal.


Residents' Council is a fantastic opportunity to positively impact your community. You can be the reason someone enjoys their first year in residence, or even university! You work with like-minded students just like you and it's a whole lot of fun. - Spencer C., Past Elgin Hall Council President 


How do I Join Residents’ Council? 

Each Residents’ Council is governed by its own constitution and has its own selection process. Throughout the year, your Council will post roles and recruitment deadlines on the pages below. Residents' Council positions are selected in September and January every year. 

Join Residents' Council as:

  • President 
  • Executive Member 
  • Commissioner 
  • Floor Representative/Building Ambassador/Junior Commissioner 

Contact your council of interest if you require more information.

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Alumni House Residents' Council

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Delaware Hall Residents' Council

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Elgin Hall Residents' Council

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Essex Hall Residents' Council

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London Hall Residents' Council

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Medway-Sydenham Hall Residents' Council

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Perth Hall Residents' Council

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