London Hall Residents' Council

Welcome to your Medway-Sydenham Hall Residents’ Council page. Here you’ll find information about your building’s executive team, events, programming, your Constitution and positions available so you can get involved.

Events and Programming

Your Residents’ Council organizes student education and programming relating to specific areas of interest to provide you with the best residence experience. 

Residents’ Council Constitution

Membership, responsibilities, jurisdiction and mandate are a few areas covered in your Residents’ Council Constitution. Review your Council’s Constitution and reach out if you have questions.


Join Residents’ Council

Residents' Council Executive positions open on August 14. Check the Residents' Council main page for more details on the positions.

Contact Your Council

Questions for your Council? Send them an email to discuss events and programming, their constitution or how you can get involved.

Executive Council Positions

Vice-President Programming

Vice-President Finance

Vice-President Promotions

Vice-President of Special Events